Cybersecurity Technician – Iraq War Veteran

this image shows cybersecurity technician for Iraq war veteran

Leaving the military can be a scary experience.  If you are wondering if the skills you have acquired can be used in the civilian world, then wonder no more.  A lot of organizations prefer to hire war veterans as opposed to civilians because of the advantages that come with it like

  1. They can work as a team.
  2. They have attention to details.
  3. They have problem-solving skills.
  4. Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  5. Faster understanding of protocols and organizations’ structures
  6. High personal drive.

These are skills that are highly sought after by potential employers; therefore, the military background is already an added advantage.

Cybersecurity technician is a job worth considering whether that was your main niche in the military or not.  In order to land your first job, as a veteran, you need to know how you can sell yourself to potential employers.  

Why Choose Cybersecurity?

High Salary

The cybersecurity industry is one of the highest paying careers, and the demand for new talent is never-ending.  Most organizations have recognized the expertise and experience that comes with veterans, and you should negotiate an excellent package.

Career Progression

Cybersecurity will offer you a wide range of opportunities from entry level IT jobs to systems administrator and web developers.  As a veteran with other practical skills gained in the military, your chances of rising in the organizations are higher. This career will also give you an opportunity to focus on advancement and help you continuously learn new skills.

Job Satisfaction

this picture shows job satisfaction as iraq war veteran

Having retired from the army after serving your country, there is always that jittery feeling of wanting to protect others.  Cybersecurity is a career that will give you the job satisfaction that you need since you will be dealing with protecting data and information in organizations.  You will also put your skills garnered in the military into good use as new challenges keep popping up.

Opportunity in the world

Your skills and experience will afford you a variety of opportunities in several organizations around the world. As the digital world continues to evolve, with more companies embracing technology, the need for cybersecurity technicians continues to grow, and you can work anywhere in the world at the comfort of your home.

Job Security

this image shows cybersecurity as a job security for iraq war veteran

There is no better time to join the cybersecurity industry than now.  With the growing rise of cyber-crimes, cybersecurity technicians have become highly sought after, and with the military training background, most organizations will want to retain you for a long time.


Transitioning from the military to the civil world should no longer be a challenge now for the veterans as there are several careers options available.  

If you served as a cyber operations specialist, then you will attract potential employers who appreciate that you will bring into the organization other related experiences like electronic technology, information technology, and signal intelligence. Having an ability to be in a stable work environment over a number of years is also an added advantage.  

Therefore, optimize your resume, network, look for recruiters, and apply.