Photography Business for Iraq War Veterans

Life at home and transitioning to the civil world after a military career can be quite daunting.  A career in photography can be quite satisfying for an ex-veteran. Coupled with the experience gained in the army of capturing images, and the undeniable ability to adapt to all the environments, a photography career will make you feel quite at home while working.

this image shows photography business for iraq war veterans man holding a camera

How do you accelerate your job hunt?

Look for photography organizations that hire veterans

Do thorough research to find out which companies will consider your experience as a war veteran.  Check for job listings in your area that says, “Ex Veterans preferred.” The research will help you get hired faster.

Upgrade your skills

Check for Veterans Apprenticeship Programs in your area and work towards improving your skills.  This programs will give you more opportunity to succeed in your career as a photographer. Most companies offer paid apprenticeship programs for veterans intending to help ex-veterans succeed in their chosen profession. Look for such organizations and earn while learning.

this picture of iraq war veterans photography business shows upgrade of skills

Narrow down to one or two niches

There are several genres of photography that you can choose.  Do your research and find out which one works best for you. Some of the types to choose from include wedding photography, portrait photography, lifestyle photography, fine art photography, and many others, making your choice very easy.

Meet up with other Ex-war Veterans

Meeting up with ex-war veterans will open up your mind on what direction to take since these are people who have the same mindset as you. You could start such kind of a group in case it does not exist in your area.

Why Choose Photography as a Career?

You capture life long memories

There is nothing as satisfying as capturing important moments in a photo and knowing that these will be remembered for a long time due to the photograph you took.

You tell stories using photos

Photographers tell stories using images that they capture.  They could be adventurous stories, important life moments like weddings, graduations where people get to tell stories way long after the events happened.  

Offers travel opportunities

A career in photography will afford you many opportunities to travel to different areas and countries to capture those moments.  Whereas most people who travel for business sit the whole day in corporate meetings, your travel will be on another level since you will be out in the field not only working but enjoying sceneries of every places you will visit.

this picture shows travel opportunities for iraq war veterans on photography business

No day is the same

When you choose a career in photography, then you have so much to look out for since every day is different. No matter what genre of photography you choose; no two events are the same, which means you also get to be creative.

Final Thoughts

Being a photographer is very rewarding. Having an opportunity to capture events, places and even things that matter to people, while at the same time earning some money is quite satisfying so grab that camera and start creating memories.