Top Jobs in The Industrial Goods And Services Industry For Iraq War Veterans

If you happen to be an Iraqi war veteran just out of service and looking for a job in the industrial goods and services industry, this is the right article for you. We will try to do some of the available options that we can offer for people like you in this particular field.

Basic Criteria for Iraq War Veteran Job Application

The industrial goods and services industry definitely has positions available for those Iraqi war veterans in the city of Folsom, CA in the trades of tree service, HVAC, plumbers, and more. One of the companies that is hiring during this Covid time is if you would like to apply today. because they have all the professional qualities that these particular jobs entail. Some of these qualities are as follows:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Ability to Work with A Team
  • Enormous Amount of Discipline
  • Flexibility and Foresight

Available Jobs

With these amazing qualities, war veterans will surely be able to meet the demands of the industry without much difficulty. Here are some of the jobs available for the veterans, especially those with engineering degrees.

  • CNC Machinist
  • Mechanical and Chemical Engineering
  • Industrial Electrician
  • CAD Draftsman

Necessary Requirements

Mechanical and Chemical Engineers

Mechanical and chemical engineers differ in terms of how the process products. The former focuses on using machines to develop product lines that can be of help to various businesses and industrial establishments. Chemical engineers make use of formulations and chemical combinations as their main source of production.

If you have an engineering degree and have just gotten out of the service, you will definitely find these two fields interesting because of the enormous amount of concentration and discipline that it requires from a person.

You would have to spend many hours in a day learning how to develop and operate machinery as well as chemical production to get the best results eventually.

Industrial Technician

On the other hand, if you are fond of repair work and maintenance, you can apply to become an industrial electrician. This also requires a sign of discipline and patience aside from the technical knowledge involved.

this image shows top jobs for iraq war veterans in the industrial goods and services

In addition to this, working as an industrial electrician would also entail working in the field, particularly under the scorching heat, especially if you’re going to work on industrial lines and towers. War veterans from Iraq will definitely be a good fit for this job because it also requires physical endurance and strength aside from mental acuity for electronics.

CNC and CAD Draftsman

Aside from these three, being a CNC machinist and CAD draftsman also requires applicants to have the basic knowledge when it comes to computer design and science. The former can work as an industrial machine operator for factories that have numerically operated machinery.

The good news about this particular job is that it does not require you to have a college degree. A high school diploma will do. However, be ready to do some additional training before being hired as a CNC machinist just if only reads yourself with the basics of the contraption that you’re going to handle.

The latter on the other hand, requires a significantly more extensive knowledge regarding computer science and web design as mentioned earlier.

This is because the CAD draftsman is in charge with designing schematics for product development used in various establishments within different industries and businesses. With the aid of high-tech computer software, they are able to design plans for various product lines and building construction as part of industrial projects for commerce.

Final Words

As an Iraqi war veteran, if you have significant knowledge about graphic design prior to registering in the military, this will be the perfect option for you after enlisting.

With all these opportunities available, you should never be afraid to get out and start anew after a life in the military.